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Welcome to our online community!


Our exclusive invitation only group is a private Facebook Community designed for professional job seekers and career changers to connect with others who are on the journey to finding their ideal work-life balance. Talent ReDefined focuses on exploring your ‘go to market’ workplace strategy and getting amazing at managing your career.


As this community grows, we want to ensure quality, positive interactions for our members.  With that in mind, we have created this list of rules and will enforce them every day.

This group has two purposes – Ask for help with your job search strategy.  Answer other people’s asks for help with their job search strategy.

Please read through this as we have a zero-tolerance policy and will immediately remove members, comments or posts who break any of these rules.

  1. Do NOT Promote. Ever. Even if what you are promoting might seem helpful. Resist – don’t post it. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Posting job opportunities or listings

    • Posting your resume

    • Selling services of any kind

    • Posting links to your company's website

    • No requests to PM you to learn more

  2. NO SPAM.

  3. Fake accounts will be removed.

  4. Don’t be abusive or attack others. Be polite.

  5. Join in the discussion! Be helpful. Ask questions. Give answers.

  6. Know that we may promote something we think is of service to the group. We reserve the right to since it’s our group and community.

Visit our group by following the link to our Facebook Community.

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